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Company Registration

Includes company name reservation, relevant company documents, company and tax registration, and two company stamps.

1 Million – Ideal for property

13,000 THB

2 Million – Ideal for Work Permit

18,000 THB

4 Million – Ideal for 2 Work Permits

30,000 THB

Change Company Directors

Remove one director, add one director.
3,500 THB

Remove one director, add two directors.
4,000 THB

Remove two directors & add two directors.

Add one director only (no change of other directors).
3,500 THB

Add two directors only (no change of other directors).
4,000 THB

Change Company Capital

Capital increase value 1,000,000 baht.
11,000 THB

Capital increase value 2,000,000 baht.
17,000 THB

Capital increase value 3,000,000 baht.
24,000 THB

Capital increase value 4,000,000 baht.
31,000 THB

Capital decrease registration (per million).
10,000 THB

Other Company Changes

Change Company Name

Changing the company name and company stamp, including the reserve company name and stamp.
5,000 THB

Change Company Address

Service fee for change of location company Chonburi or Bangkok.
3,500 THB

Change Province

Service fee for change of location company to another province.
5,500 THB

Change Company Clauses

Registering to change the modification of every clause of the regulation.
3,500 THB

Change Company Stamp

Registering change the modification of company stamp & seal.
3,500 THB

Change Shareholders

2,500 THB


Registering the change of liquidators.
3,500 THB

Close Company

Register the company’s liquidation (closing the company).
10,000 THB

Close Company & Closing Audit

Register the company’s liquidation (closing the company) with the annual audit.
15,000 THB