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Affordable Health Insurance in association with KrungThai AXA

Thai Business Help are a licensed insurance agent for KrungThai AXA, one of Thailand’s leading insurance providers, offering affordable and essential health coverage

iHealthy Health Insurance Benefits

  • 100,000 USD Covid cover included

  • Provide lump-sum coverage for in-patient treatments of up to a maximum of 100 million Baht per year

  • Live a worry-free life from critical illness with coverage for radiotherapy, chemotherapy and kidney dialysis

  • Welcome mommy-to-be with coverage for pregnancy, childbirth, pre and postnatal complications and newborn accommodation

  • Support proactive healthcare with coverage for annual health screen, routine dental care, regular optical care and vaccination

  • Receive coverage in every perspective of your health with alternative therapies including acupuncture and chiropractic as per suggestion from a qualified practitioner

  • Access to world-class healthcare treatment with worldwide coverage with the plan of choice

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Health Insurance FAQs

What are the different health insurance plans?2021-02-04T18:07:36+07:00

There are five plans in total, the smart plan is the most affordable and platinum plan offers complete coverage up to 100 million Baht. Popular plans are silver and gold which have the right mix of coverage while remaining affordable.

What are payment types for health insurance plans?2021-02-04T18:07:50+07:00

There are three payment types available; Annual, Bi-Annual & Monthly. Annual is 12 months paid upfront, and the premium is the best value if choose this option, Bi-annual is paid every six months, and there is a slight increase to the premium. Monthly is a great option to spread the cost over 12 months, and there is an increase in the premium to reflect the added convenience.

What health Insurance region should I select?2021-02-05T09:17:08+07:00

If you spend all of your time in Thailand you should choose Thailand as your region as this is the cheapest option. If you travel, however, you can opt for one of the other regions. Factor in if you use travel insurance or other types of insurance. We want to insure you get the best deal.

Can you explain Medical Expenses Benefit (MEB)?2021-02-05T09:17:18+07:00

Medical Expenses Benefit (MEB) is an optional extra where you receive money for every day you stay in hospital. You can choose from 500 Baht to 5000 Baht per day. If you stay in ICU or have surgery, the MEB increases by 2x and 2.5 times respectively. For example, MEB is 1000 Baht for every day you stay in the hospital, 2000 Baht for every day in ICU, and 2,500 Baht for every day in surgery.

Why do you need my age, date of birth and gender?2021-02-05T09:28:11+07:00

Health insurance is calculated on age and gender, the older you are, the more expensive it becomes. We need your date of birth to ensure when we generate a quote, and it’s not too close to your birthday. The policy is valid from the day you sign the form and payment has been made. In some cases, weeks may pass from sending a quote and signing the policy, in which time the insured is a year older.

What documents do I show when apply for policy?2021-02-05T10:21:23+07:00

When you are ready to proceed from your quote to full application, we need a signed copy of the following documents:

  • Passport Page
  • Valid Visa Page
  • Bank Book

Other Notes

  • If you have a work permit, we need a signed copy of current work permit book
  • If you pay monthly, we need you to sign a direct debit form.
I’m over 50, do I need a medical?2021-02-05T10:26:49+07:00

Yes, everyone over 50 must undergo a medical. The medical will be scheduled after the policy has been signed and payment made. If you fail the medical, you will be notified by email and payment will be refunded to your bank account. We do not know why you failed the medical as your health records are kept private.

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