Other Services

Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your individual needs.

We offer a wide range of other services, they include alcohol, tobacco, and restaurant licenses for bars and restaurants. We also offer marriage registration and property registration. Plus printing and copying documents to business cards and signage. For any business service you don’t see, please contact us with your request.

Business Licences

Includes government fees unless otherwise stated.

Restaurant License
5,000 THB

Live Music Licence
5,000 THB

Alcohol License
3,000 THB

Tobacco Licence
3,000 THB

Guesthouse Licence
3,000 THB

Other licenses are available on request.


Marriage Registration
3,000 THB

House Registration
3,000 THB

Office Rental

Serviced office desk space
From 5,000 THB per month. Enquire for more details.


Business Cards
600 THB per 100

Office Signage from
500 THB

Company Stamp
400 THB

A4 black & white copy/print

A4 colour print copy/print
10 THB

A4 colour scan – saved as PDF
10 THB