Save money on Thai Visa in Pattaya, Work Permit and Company Services at Low Prices

Have you ever wondered why it costs so much to get anything done in Thailand? Do you struggle to understand the Thai language and the endless amount of paperwork?

We are here to help you manage all the paperwork that comes with living in Thailand without the worry, the expensive bills that so often come with hidden extras. Thai Business Help can help you save money, we offer the same professional services, it just cost a lot less.

Great Value Annual Audit

Annual Audit: 10,950 Thai Baht

We know we have the cheapest annual audits as many customers including lawyers choose to use our great value service. Once you supply all the paperwork, we deliver your signed annual audit within 2 weeks or 14 working days. Trading company audits start from 15,000 Thai Baht.

Cheap Thai Visas

One Year Thai Visa: 11,950 Thai Baht

Since 2010 we have arranged 100’s of visas for our customers. We are so good at arranging visas, other companies including well known law firms use our services. Whatever type of visa you need, let us know and we’ll give you the best advice and ensure you get the visa we recommend.

Company Setup in 3 Days or Less

Company Setup 1m THB: 12,950 Thai Baht

We are very experienced in setting up a new company quickly and efficiently. We’ll have your company setup ready to trade including company stamps within 3 working days or less. Once you have your company setup, we can then help you arrange opening a company bank account, and other key services.

Cheap Thai Work Permit

Thai Work Permit Application: 14,950 Thai Baht

We are experts in Thai Work Permit Applications and Thai Work Permit Renewals. The process is very quick if you meet the criteria and have all paperwork in order. If you don’t have these, we can help you meet the criteria and provide all the paperwork for a successful application.

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Important Notes

  • All prices are nett and exclude government fees.
  • You may be required to pay extra government tax at a later date.
  • Prices are based on having the correct documents otherwise additional costs will be applied.